Jan 01, 2022

Although tooth extraction is a fast procedure, appropriate steps need to be taken to prevent risks or complications. The patient’s recovery period depends on the preparation and treatment process.

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that requires the complete removal of an injured or diseased tooth from its bone socket. Tooth extraction has to do with the permanent (adult) tooth. Unlike a baby tooth that falls out by itself and grows back, an adult tooth would not grow back once it’s pulled out.

A dentist or oral surgeon can perform a tooth extraction. In some cases, oral surgeons are allowed to perform tooth extraction instead. That is because they have been trained specially to perform oral surgeries. You can get painless tooth extractions in San Diego, CA, when you visit us at Scripps Poway Dental Center- Sorrento Valley.

Why Do People Get Tooth Extraction?

You can get your tooth extracted due to different reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Teeth Infection: When a person’s teeth get infected, various things could go wrong. Once the infection gets to the dental pulp, the person might begin to feel severe toothache. When this happens, tooth extraction might be considered the fastest way to provide relief for the patient.

People who have teeth infections can also get root canal therapy to get rid of the infection and preserve their natural teeth. However, not everyone can get root canal treatment, and sometimes the infection might not go entirely after a root canal treatment. At this point, the dentist might resort to pulling the tooth out.

  • Orthodontic Treatment: People who require orthodontic treatment for teeth alignment might need to undergo tooth extraction if they have too many teeth inside the mouth (crowded mouth). Orthodontics works better when there is right or enough space inside the mouth.
  • Impacted Teeth: This is one of the common teeth issues among adolescents. It happens when a tooth is trying to force its way out. Sometimes it might be growing beneath another tooth. The dentist might remove the existing tooth to allow the impacted tooth to grow out fully when this happens. Visit a dentist near you for tooth extraction today if you have impacted teeth.

How You Should Prepare For A Tooth Extraction

Getting a tooth extraction could be a hard decision to make. However, tooth extractions are among the quickest and simplest dental treatments except in rare cases where complications might arise.

Here are ways in which you can prepare for tooth extraction:

Seek Professional Help

The first thing you need to do before getting your tooth extracted is to visit the dentist. Before deciding to get your tooth removed, you have to ensure that you know what a tooth extraction entails. Feel free to ask your dentist any question that relates to the procedure and your oral health. You can consult a dentist in Sorrento Valley today.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Medical History

Before getting a tooth extraction, you need to be transparent with your dentist about your medical history.

Your dentist needs to know if any health conditions might increase your chances of getting infected. You also need to talk to your dentist about allergies and medications that you are currently taking. That would help your dentist to determine the best kind of treatment that you need.


Dentists usually administer anesthesia or sedatives to prevent the patient from experiencing pains during the tooth extraction procedure. Some people know the kind of sedatives that works for them and the type of sedatives that could cause complications. Inform your dentist about details like this if you know them.

Do Not Eat Before The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Patients are advised not to eat 12 hours before getting their tooth extracted. That is to prevent them from feeling nauseous before or during the surgery. If you have a health condition that prevents you from staying away from food for as long as 12 hours, make sure to inform the dentist about it.

Also, this is the best time to prevent anything that could cause complications or slow recovery. For instance, people who smoke frequently are advised not to smoke 12 hours before the surgery as smoking could cause complications and slow recovery.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothes. It is also advisable to wear old clothes in case of stains during the procedure. Nevertheless, do not worry because our dentists would treat you with optimal care.

Note that you should wear clothes that have short sleeves to prevent inconveniences when you need IV drips. Don’t wear contact lenses. Pack your hair neatly to prevent them from disturbing your face. Do not wear lipstick with dark colors but keep your lips moisturized. Keep your jewelry away. Stay away from colognes or body sprays.

Personal Welfare

After your surgery, you would be exhausted. The anesthesia would need some time to wear off completely. At this point, you should drive or do anything strenuous. Call a relative or friend that would go home with you and take care of you throughout the day. If you need to eat anything, eat soft foods to prevent the affected part from bleeding.

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