Oral Care Products

Scripps Poway Dental Care has advanced oral care products available to our patients at our San Diego practice. We only offer clinically-proven, professional-grade products because they are the most effective at improving your dental health. By purchasing your prescribed oral care products from your dentist in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, you will receive the benefit of customized treatment. You will also have guidance on all products. This level of care is not available when you buy these specialized dental products in retail stores.

Peridex Oral Rinse (Chlorhexidine)

Peridex is a medicated mouth rinse formulated to kill oral bacteria. This medication helps reduce plaque and bacteria build-up. Your dentist in San Diego may prescribe Peridex after oral surgery.

Instructions for Use

After brushing your teeth, rinse with Peridex three times a day until you finish the bottle. Only a capful is needed. Swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds then expel. Once the rinse is gone, you can use warm water with salt until your mouth has healed. Never swallow this medicated rinse.

Possible Side Effects

Peridex rinse may cause tongue and teeth staining. If this occurs, your Scripps Ranch San Diego dentist can remove the discoloration.

You may also experience some changes in taste while using Peridex. If you swallow the rinse accidentally, you may feel nauseous.

MI Paste & MI Paste Plus

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are re-mineralizing toothpaste. The active ingredient is Recaldent, which is a component derived from milk protein. Recaldent delivers calcium and phosphate into tooth enamel. These are essential minerals that strengthen and reinforce tooth structure. Therefore, MI Paste is not a traditional toothpaste. Instead, it is an effective enamel treatment applied directly to teeth after you brush and floss. Both professional oral care products are the only ones of their kind. This is because they are the only product containing Recaldent.

MI Paste Plus is the same as MI Paste, with the enhanced benefits of a patented form of fluoride. Both products are simple to use and safe on enamel. Available flavors are vanilla, strawberry, mint, melon, and tutti-frutti.

Clinpro™ 5000 Toothpaste

Anti-cavity Clinpro 5000 is prescribed to control and prevent tooth decay. This prescription-strength toothpaste contains 5,000 ppm fluoride. As a result, Clinpro 5000 delivers more fluoride to each tooth than other leading brands. It also contains tri-calcium phosphate. This advanced formula allows the calcium to coexist with the fluoride until activation. The optimized formula remineralizes the whole tooth, not just the surface.

We also carry the Oral B gingivitis system as a kit. Contact our Scripps Poway Dental Care In Scripps Ranch San Diego, CA, today to learn more.

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