Why The Best Dentists use 3D X-rays

Why The Best Dentists use 3D X-rays

Mar 04, 2020

Dental technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years and has changed the way we look at modern dentistry. One significant development in dental technology is the use of 3D X-rays.

3D X-ray imaging has made diagnostics better, and the technology can also be used to diagnose dislocations, tumors, and fractures. The 3D images have also helped in the diagnosis of specific diseases or bone degeneration and even certain infections.

Our Scripps Ranch dentists are now able to see the 3D image of your skull, jaws, and teeth in a way that X-rays couldn’t. This has made it possible for you to get effective treatment.

What is 3D Dental Imaging?

Just as the name suggests, 3D dental imaging takes a digital image that enables our dentist to see a three-dimensional model of your mouth. Standard X-rays develop 2D images of your mouth, while any other method had to expose you to more extended periods of radiation to get a clear picture.

The 3D technology was developed from CAT scan imaging, commonly used in medicine.

What are the Benefits of using 3D X-rays?

The 3D dental X-rays work in a unique way that gives it an edge over the current solutions being offered in diagnostics. The dental technology has a number of advantages over its predecessors, the X-rays, and medical CAT scans. From a diagnostic point of view, 3D X-rays have the following benefits:

  • Image accuracy – the 3D images have a high resolution, which is essential in providing more accurate images. This allows our dentist to accurately measure and get the exact location for any dental procedure.
  • Bone quality assessment – Since the images are in 3D, it helps in the evaluation of bone quality. The images will help our dentist to determine whether the bone density is sufficient for placing an implant. It can also be used to see if there are fractures or lesions and their sizes and locations.
  • Interactive display – this feature enables our dentist the chance to “play around” with the image and reorganize the data.
  • Beam limitation – The beauty of this feature is that the 3D scanners only focus on the trouble area. This reduces your exposure to radiation.
  • Reduces scan time – The 3D scans get all the images in one rotation. Therefore, improving the image accuracy by minimizing the defects that arise because of movement during scans. This reduces the time you spend during scans.

You might be wondering if there are any benefits for you as a patient. Yes, there are benefits, and here they are:

  • Minimal exposure to radiation – Since the 3D beam focuses mainly on the problem area, it takes a shorter time to take the images. This reduces your exposure to radiation. Thus, reducing the development of health risks and other problems like eye damage.
  • Lower cost – 3D imaging has eliminated the need of going to get CT scans then bringing back the results to the dentist. This, in turn, saves you money by eliminating the extra costs of using a middle man.
  • Accuracy- The image accuracy of the three-dimensional scans can help differentiate between different types of tissues than two-dimensional scans. This enables our dentist to see problems that would have been difficult to find. Infections, joint dysfunctions, and abnormal sinuses can be diagnosed the first time by using 3D X-rays.
  • Reduced scan time – Just in 10 seconds and the scan will be complete, which means that our dentist can deal with your issues quicker than ever. You might need a couple of days before you get a scan done and then wait a couple more for the results when you go to third party imaging centers. You can cut this time short with an in house 3D X-ray machine in Scripps Poway Dental Care.

Regardless of its advanced technology, three-dimensional imaging can also be used in simple diagnostics like viewing teeth that cannot be seen in traditional two dimensional X-rays. Our dentist can develop a three-dimensional model of the teeth and skull that can be essential for getting comparative data. The 3D model can also be used for sophisticated diagnostics and point out degenerative conditions.

The three-dimensional dental technology is effective, faster than its predecessors, and cost-effective. You are guaranteed of top-shelf services here at Scripps Poway Dental Care.

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