Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

Nov 01, 2022

Tooth decay and trauma are ways that you can lose your teeth. Having a space between your teeth is not something that many people fancy. The good news is that the dentist in 92121 can install a dental implant before placing an artificial tooth. The dental implant supports artificial teeth; nobody will notice the difference between your synthetic and natural teeth.

So, let’s take you through all you need to know about dental implants and why you should opt for them as a replacement for your missing teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical devices implanted in your jaw to support the artificial tooth that will be placed to perform the normal functions of a tooth. In short, dental implants are replacement tooth roots: artificial tooth roots. The artificial tooth that will be placed can either be a denture, dental bridge, or crown.

Before looking for a dentist to install dental implants in San Diego, CA, you should consider a few things.

First, your overall health is essential. This is because the dental implant procedure is invasive, so you need to be as healthy as possible so that the wound can heal well and quickly.

On top of that, it would be best to limit smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. This is because both can extend the healing period and even lead to dental implant failure.

It is also essential to ask the dentist what model and brand of the dental implant system will be used, as this information can be vital in the future.

Finally, the recovery after dental implant surgery is prolonged. So, you should be ready to take care of your wound and maintain optimum oral hygiene. Optimum oral hygiene prevents bacterial growth that can affect the healing process of the wound left after the dental implant installation.

Why Are Dental Implants Important?

After losing your tooth, it can be pretty challenging to chew food as you used to. However, when the dentist near you installs a dental implant that supports the artificial tooth, you can chew food as you used to. This is because a dental implant restores the ability to chew.

In addition, a missing gap due to tooth loss can affect your smile. Nevertheless, if you opt for a dental implant, the dentist will install it, restoring a uniform smile.

Tooth loss leaves a gap in your jawbone, and this gap causes shrinking. This is because motions like biting and chewing preserve the jawbone. However, when there is a missing tooth, there are no such activities, and the jawbone begins to deteriorate. A dental implant can be used to prevent the jawbone from shrinking.

When you’re missing a tooth, your adjacent teeth are not as stable as they were. This is because teeth offer each other support, and when there is a missing gap, the sturdiness reduces. A dental implant can be placed on the jawbone of the missing gap to keep the adjacent teeth stable.

It can be pretty stressful staying with a missing tooth or teeth. Firstly, you will not have the confidence to smile amongst your peers to prevent them from seeing the gap. Secondly, you cannot enjoy foods the way you would with all your teeth. For instance, enjoying a steak. Even so, a dental implant can restore your confidence and help you enjoy life more. The implant will allow you to to chew food better and restore your smile.

Are There Risks in Dental Implant Surgery?

As mentioned above, the dental implant procedure is an invasive one. This means the dentist should take care when working on your teeth. Failure to do that might lead to the injury of the surrounding soft tissues in your mouth. This is why you should look for certified dentists like the ones in Scripps Poway Dental Care – Sorrento Valley. The dentists will take utmost care when working on your teeth.

Smoking after dental implant surgery can spell doom to the operation’s success. This is because the chemicals in tobacco can cause a dry socket making the wound take longer to heal.

On top of that, if you do not practice proper oral hygiene, the wound can be infected or cause gum disease, which means you will spend more time at the dental clinic.

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