Why Are Dental Fillings So Important?

December 1, 2022

What Are Dental Fillings?

They are oral materials that repair and rebuild damaged teeth’ enamel to restore their structural integrity. Dental fillings feature various materials, ranging from gold and silver to porcelain and composite. All the materials work similarly by repairing enamels ad sealing teeth to protect the insides.

The process of getting dental fillings is rather invasive. Therefore, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb your mouth, making the treatment pain-free. After numbing, the dentist begins drilling the target tooth. The goal is to remove as much of the tooth enamel that is infected or damaged. After drilling the tooth, the dentist will apply the filling material over the surface, hardening it with a laser to bond it to the natural tooth structure. However, you should know that the dental filling process can differ depending on the type of material and the need for the procedure.

How Are Dental Fillings Used?

Dentists in 92121 use dental fillings for either preventive oral care or restorative treatment. The most common use of dental fillings in San Diego, CA, is restorative treatments. Dentists use different filling materials to fix damaged teeth.

In preventive care, dentists employ unique types of dental fillings called dental sealants. They create a barrier over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, disallowing bacteria and acids from forming cavities on the fissures. These types of fillings are called glass ionomers. However, sometimes dentists can employ composite fillings to get similar results.

What Oral Problems Can Dental Fillings Fix?

A dentist in Sorrento valley can use dental fillings to treat any of the following oral problems:

  1. Treating tooth decay – the most common use of dental fillings in dentistry is fixing dental cavities. A cavity creates a hole that allows bacteria to creep into the inner layers of teeth, advancing the decay process. The role of a dental filling is to seal the tooth, restore its structure and optimize its functionality.
  2. Repairing broken and cracked teeth – although not all tooth fractures merit a dental filling, some do. The crack of breakage can be deep enough to compromise the inner layers of teeth. Therefore, dental fillings seal and repair the tooth to maintain its structural integrity.
  3. Sealing a tooth after a root canal procedure – a root canal is an endodontic procedure for saving a tooth by removing the damaged inner layers. After the treatment, dentists use dental fillings to fill and seal the tooth, preventing the re-entry of bacteria.

What Makes Dental Fillings Important?

The benefits of dental fillings may be obvious to our dental team at Scripps Poway Dental Care – Sorrento Valley, but it may take a little more convincing for patients to understand their value. Some of the ways that dental fillings are beneficial for oral health are:

  1. They prevent premature tooth loss – instead of a tooth extraction when your tooth gets damaged, consider an oral filling to restore it.
  2. They disallow progression and advancements of tooth infections – a dental filling seals a tooth to prevent further entry of bacteria into the inner layers. Without a tooth filling, the damage would keep progressing, affecting the tooth roots, the surrounding soft tissues, and even the adjacent teeth.
  3. They help fight dental cavities – a filled tooth features an extra layer of protection on the surface that bars bacteria and acids from directly harming the enamel.
  4. They strengthen weak teeth – especially after dental trauma resulting in cracks and breaks.
  5. They can improve teeth color – although teeth whitening is not one of the functions of dental fillings, it can be an outcome. When you have dental cavities, teeth can start browning or darkening. Tooth-colored dental fillings like composites or porcelain fillings can improve teeth’ color.
  6. They can improve oral hygiene – if you get preventive dental fillings, they reduce the depth of teeth’ fissures, specifically the molars. Therefore, you will have a few cases of plaque stuck in your teeth. It can help improve your oral hygiene by cleaning the deep pits and depressions of the back teeth.


Ultimately, you will only appreciate the importance of dental fillings when you need treatment to restore your natural teeth. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a dentist near you regarding improving your oral health with dental fillings.

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