What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening?

September 1, 2020

Teeth are equally important as any other vital organ of your body. You might be thinking that teeth are necessary only for chewing the food. But a sparkling white smile can boost your confidence. The human teeth work in unison to mechanically break down the food materials by crushing and cutting them and aiding in digestion.

Why Tooth Lose its Natural Color?

Humans have two sets of teeth. The temporary teeth give away to the permanent set of teeth. Food habits, certain disease and, aging can contribute to the yellowing of teeth. With age, the teeth might lose their natural color and brightness.

Certain food and beverages that you intake can also be the reason for yellow teeth. Food that is rich in tannin as red wine and caffeinated drinks as tea and coffee can be a potential cause of yellow teeth. Discoloration of teeth can also be caused by plaque, tartar, and other dental ailments.

Aging can cause the teeth to deteriorate and lose its natural color and shine. Cavities can cause dark spots on your teeth, and you need to visit the dentist to ensure that dental issues are addressed correctly. Cosmetic dentist in scripps ranch CA can treat your dental issues and ensure that you can smile freely.

The tooth dentine grows with age and decreases the size of the pulp. With age, the translucency of teeth reduces, making it look darker. Even dental treatments as a dental filling, mostly the silver sulfide fillings, can contribute a permanent grey-black tinge to your teeth.

Using high-content fluoride toothpaste can cause fluorosis, thus causing spots on your teeth. Smoking and consumption of tobacco can also leave permanent dark spots on your teeth. Scaling can be a way to get rid of the tartar and improve your dental gloss.

The Need for Teeth Whitening

A bright, sparkling tooth can be your gateway to boost self-esteem. Your smile can have a big impact on a job interview, and a healthy smile portrays confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. You can also conceal your age with a flawless white smile.

White teeth leave a good impact on your mind, too, and make you feel fresh. A bright smile can also be the sign of a healthy mouth. While following the routine to maintain a bright smile, you end up with a clean and hygienic oral cavity.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

Whitening your teeth is not a big deal, and there are different teeth whitening procedures. Based on your teeth’ need and condition, you can choose from the varied teeth whitening techniques. Dentists can do professional teeth whitening in about an hour.

The process involves applying a tooth whitening gel on your teeth, leaving it for half an hour, and repeating the process. The cleaning solution contains 25% to 40% of hydrogen peroxide, and a special lamp might also be used to brighten your teeth after the application of the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Teeth whitening can also be tried at home using a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide that is about 10% in concentration. Apart from brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, dental whitening strips might also be applied.

The simple procedure of whitening your teeth at home can be brushing with baking soda. Even turmeric can be a good home remedy to restore the lost shine of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Tips

The primary function of your teeth is to chew the food and aid in talking. The food you intake can contribute to dental stains, and can remove the stains. A balanced diet rich in fresh and leafy vegetables can replenish the lost micro nutrients to your teeth and help to maintain a healthy gum.

Lemon, oranges, apple, guava contain natural whitening agents that can make your teeth shine without external teeth whitening methods.

Professional teeth whitening in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, can be done at Scripps Poway Dental Care. With a pool of trained dentists, we employ natural techniques to whiten your teeth. Our dentists are trained in the latest dental care techniques, and you can expect a one-stop-solution for all your dental needs.

You need not worry if your dental care is not insured, as you can pay them in easy instalments. Apart from teeth whitening, we provide preventive dentistry as well.

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