What Is Pocket Irrigation?

March 8, 2022

Gum diseases do not start in one day. Over time, a person can develop gum diseases due to various factors. One of the significant causes of gum disease is poor oral care. When people do not care for their dental health, they increase their risk of developing gum diseases and other dental illnesses. Thankfully, some treatments can stop the progression of gum disease and help gum disease patients maintain their dental structure. One of such treatments is pocket irrigation.

What Is Pocket Irrigation?

Pocket irrigation or oral irrigation is a dental procedure that is usually done alongside other gum disease treatments like in-office oral cleanings and pocket reduction surgery. The process involves using dental instruments to clean the corners of the teeth where our toothbrushes and floss can not access to remove bacteria that can cause pockets or expansions between the gum and the teeth.

Why Do You Need Pocket Irrigation?

Bacteria can gain access into areas of the teeth and accumulate if they are not gotten rid of on time. Even with regular toothbrush use, if bacteria has formed inside the teeth holes and gum, you would need the help of your dentist to extract the bacteria. Failure to do this can result in a severe gum infection and, eventually, tooth loss. You can see our dentist in San Diego for more information about pocket irrigation.

You should also know that pocket irrigation can be performed alone as preventive dental care to stop bacteria from accumulating inside the nooks of the teeth.

What Can You Expect During The Procedure?

At Scripps Poway, Dental Care -Sorrento Valley, our dentists can provide you with several adequate dental treatments, including pocket irrigation. Our dentists will use the best dental tools to give you an effective treatment during the procedure. First, we would schedule a treatment plan and inquire about your medical history to provide you with the best treatment you require.

Next, we would assign one of our dentists to take charge of your treatment and help you through the processes you need to go through before and after the treatment. During the treatment, your dentist would help you get relaxed and use sedatives to get rid of the anxiety that you might be feeling before your treatment.

Finally, your dentist would use specific dental tools to remove the plaques that have formed inside the gum pockets and then an antibiotic gel or solution to destroy the persisting bacteria. After this, they will use a water jet that serves as a pocket irrigator to rinse the pockets.

Benefits Of Getting Pocket Irrigation

Pocket irrigation can be advantageous to dental health in many ways.

  •   It Prevents Halitosis (bad breath):

Harmful bacteria can damage your dental structure and cause bad breath, especially If the bacteria are not gotten rid of. Getting pocket irrigation near you reduces the risks of having bad breaths and other dental illnesses that accumulated tartar and plaques could cause.

  •   It Can Prevent Tooth Loss By Reducing Deep Gum Pockets:

After the plaques causing spaces between the teeth and the gums are gone, the gums would remain firm and attached to the teeth, thereby preventing tooth loss.

  •   It Decreases Your Risks Of Developing Worse Gum Infections:

If harmful bacteria stay inside teeth holes and gum lines, it can lead to advanced gum infection(periodontitis). Periodontitis is a progressive gum infection that can lead to tooth loss and other general health problems if left untreated for too long. The damages caused by periodontitis are often hard to recover from. Hence, it is best to prevent periodontitis by caring for your dental health. It would help if you got preventive dental care such as pocket irrigation and deep dental cleanings from a dentist near you.

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