What Is Icon White Spot Treatment?

April 1, 2023

A brilliantly white smile is a thing of beauty. It exudes beauty, youth, vibrancy, and health. It’s no wonder scores of people are out and about seeking a way to improve their dental aesthetics. But we all know that we aren’t living in a perfect world. Many smiles are plagued with different issues, such as white spots that mar even the most stunning smiles.

White spots on teeth aren’t a big deal, even though they make the teeth look patched. However, you can revamp your smile since we offer Icon white spot removal in San Diego.

White spots don’t fade and will not respond to natural or home remedies. So, if you want to remove these stubborn blotches from your teeth, keep reading.

Causes of White Spots

White spots are a widespread problem that affects countless smiles. They seem to appear overnight and can last a long time. The degree of discoloration will depend on the individual and the specific cause of the white spots.

White spot lesions can appear on the teeth as a result of any of the following factors:

  • Fluorosis – when you have white spots from when you were a child until now, the main cause is likely fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is a common condition that occurs when you consume a lot of fluorides when the permanent teeth are developing.
  • Molar incisal hypoplasia – this is another cause of white spots and is a developmental condition that affects the enamel
  • Illness or trauma – certain childhood illnesses and trauma to the teeth, while the permanent teeth are developing, can also lead to white spots
  • Decalcification of the enamel – this is a common process that refers to the loss of minerals from the outer covering of the tooth (enamel). Decalcification happens because of poor brushing or plaque build-up on the teeth’s surface. It can also occur during orthodontic treatment when there has been a lapse in proper brushing around the brackets.
  • Illness and problems during pregnancy or premature birth can sometimes lead to white spots on a child’s teeth.

Can Regular Teeth Whitening Remove the White Spots?

Most people confuse mottled appearance or white spots on their stain for staining that occurs because of what you consume. Therefore, the assumption is that teeth whitening can easily deal with this issue. Sadly, teeth whitening will have very little effect on the white spots, and they will remain a shade lighter than the rest of the tooth.

Treating White Spots With Icon Treatment

But isn’t it good news that there is a way of treating white spots? Icon treatment isn’t as common as teeth whitening, but it helps transforms smiles marred with white spots.

Icon white spot removal in San Diego is a non-invasive approach to improve the appearance of teeth with mottled appearance and white spots. The procedure removes the marks on the teeth, making them uniform in color without covering your teeth’s surface. Plus, there is no need to use drills or injections to get it done!
It’s an excellent alternative to more involving procedures such as veneers. That’s why the procedure is also recommended for kids, teenagers, and adults with unsightly white spots.

How Does White Spot Treatment Work?

The treatment begins with our dentist examining your teeth. After a thorough examination, our dentist near you will pretreat the discolored area. Pretreating involves gently rinsing and cleaning the affected teeth, then applying a special etching solution.

The etching solution is the Icon gel, which causes the tooth to open up the pores to enhance resin penetration.
Then, our dentist will rinse off the gel and allow the tooth to dry. The next step will be to apply the infiltration resin and allow it to work for several minutes. The resin will painlessly enter the tooth and prevent cavity-causing acids from penetrating the tooth. Decay will be stopped, and the resin will preserve the tooth’s structure.

The resin balances out the discoloration and helps the white spots blend in with the rest of your enamel.
Finally, the excess resin is removed, giving you amazing results.

How Long Does Icon Treatment Last?

Icon treatment, just like teeth whitening, is not a permanent procedure. You will need future treatments to ensure that the results are maintained. However, you can expect the treatment to last around two years. But there are some patients whose results lasted up to five years.

How Long Does Icon Treatment Take to Work?

Icon treatment is not so different from teeth whitening. It is a relatively quick treatment that usually takes several minutes, and your smile is transformed.

We Are Here For You

White spots can be treated quickly and comfortably. So if you need white spot removal near you, contact us at Scripps Poway Dental Care to schedule an appointment.

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