Understanding the Timeline of Implant Placement in Dentistry

September 1, 2021

Have you been looking for a dental facility that could give you a permanent solution for your lost tooth? All you need is to contact one of our dentists in Scripps Ranch, CA, for an implant restoration appointment. One dental implant is enough to transform your smile by replacing your tooth. Such treatment as this has given many patients a second chance to exude confidence thanks to their beautiful smiles.

What Is Implant Placement?

It is a dental procedure performed by an oral surgeon or dentist for dental implants. The process involves installing a screw-like metal post made of titanium, called a tooth implant. The implant is erected in the jawbone and supported by the gum tissue. As such, the only way to perform an implant placement in San Diego is through surgery.

The process entails cutting open the gum tissue to expose the bone underneath. Afterward, the dentist uses a special dental tool to drill a tiny hole in the jawbone. The size of this hole is exactly the same as the size of the metal post to be inserted later.

Understanding the Timeline for Implant Placement in Dentistry

The period for which your implant placement in San Diego last will differ based on different factors. For the most part, the health of your oral cavity as you begin your treatment will impact the duration thereof. Usually, the timeline involves:

  • A dental exam – is usually a one-day affair that allows your dentist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for implant placement in San Diego, CA. After your exam, your dentist will come up with a treatment plan that applies to your oral health.
  • Bone grafting surgery – unless you have a clean bill of dental health, you will not begin implant placement in CA without bone grafting. It is a surgical process that helps repair and restores the health of your jawbone before the implantation procedure. The oral surgeon will get bone grafts from other parts of your body, from a human donor or a synthetic source. The surgery will restore the damaged tissues in your jawbone through bone regeneration. After the surgery, you need between 3 and 4 months to recover before the rest of your implant placement in 92121 is completed.
  • Implantation surgery – once your mouth has healed properly, you are qualified for implant placement near you. This surgery can be completed within one dental sitting. However, after your surgery, you also need a while to heal and recover. The healing period usually lasts up to 3 months or so. During this period, the tooth implant made of titanium that is bio-compatible integrates with the bone tissue thereof.
  • Crowning – soon after you have healed, the tooth implant is covered with a tooth crown. In other cases, however, a dental bridge or denture can be used to crown the implant. The crown over a dental implant is the final step of the implantation procedure.

Overall, the timeline of implant placement can range anywhere between 3 months to 12 months. It depends on the number of dental procedures you require relative to the health of your oral cavity. The good thing is that the entire procedure will be worth it, given that dental implants are permanent and sturdy enough to mimic natural teeth.

Should You Get Tooth Implants?

When you have lost your natural teeth, it can be overwhelming to lead a life without them. However, with treatments like implant placements, you can rest assured that your mouth is functioning optimally and your smile is as beautiful as can be. Some of the benefits of tooth implants include:

  • Sturdiness – the titanium metal makes for a sturdy tooth replacement alternative. Better yet, tooth implants acquire support and stability from the jawbone and gums, which adds to the sturdiness.
  • Natural-looking results – dental implants are the only tooth replacement oral appliances that closely match the appearance and feeling of having natural teeth.
  • Boosting your appearance – closing the gap of tooth loss is not the only aesthetic advantage of dental implants. They also improve your appearance by properly holding your facial muscles to improve the appearance of your face in general.
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