Veneers in San Diego, CA

Dental veneers may also be known as laminate or porcelain veneers. They are extremely thin shells that are custom made to fit each patient specifically. The shells are colored to match your teeth, and then they are placed over the front of your teeth, tooth by tooth.

The dentist will bond the veneers to the front of your teeth, making sure that it fits and matches your smile perfectly. If you have a broken tooth, or a few teeth that you don’t like the look of, you’re in luck.

Veneers are available at Scripps Poway Dental Care. Call our San Diego dental office to get your appointment booked today.

Veneers in San Diego

Veneers are made to fix a number of problems. One of the main things patients want veneers for is to cover teeth that are discolored. This can happen from stains, too much fluoride, or from a root canal treatment.

You can also wear veneers if you have teeth that have worn down, broken, or have pieces that have been chipped off. Veneers are also used for people who have misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. This can be the case for people that have craters or bulges on their teeth.

Lastly, veneers are often used by patients who have gapped teeth. You can use veneers to fill in the space between gaps, to give the look of a full smile.

There are lifestyle things you can implement to avoid needing veneers in the first place. Your dentist in San Diego may recommend a few tips to help you with your oral health.

Veneers Treatment in San Diego

Scripps Poway Dental Care, will be able to help you with any veneer questions that you may have. They’ll set you up with an appointment where a dentist will diagnosis your teeth and create a treatment plan.

You’ll be prepped on what you need to do before your veneer appointment. Then you’ll be fitted for the veneers, and after that, the veneers will be bonded to make sure they fit comfortably in your mouth.

Are veneers painful?

There is some minor discomfort associated with the placement of veneers, but most people find that the end result is well worth any temporary pain. In addition, modern dental techniques have made the process much less painful than it used to be.

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