Tissue Grafting in San Diego, CA

Gum tissue can be lost due to periodontal disease or aggressive brushing. At Scripps Poway Dental Care in San Diego, CA, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. We can provide tissue grafting near you so you can smile with confidence and take the world in your stride.

When gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease, the gum tissue will be lost. In advanced cases, bone tissue can be lost too. As gums and bones are lost, teeth will become loose and might fall. Instead of letting this happen, we want to intervene early at Scripps Poway Dental Care. Tissue grafting is a great way of restoring lost gum tissue.

Preparing for Surgery

There’s not much that you can do in preparation for a tissue graft. We’ll most likely acquire the graft from your palate. The graft will be placed on the gums to supplement it while the palate will naturally heal. Tissue grafting can often be completed in a single visit. You will be given instructions to follow while recovering.

The only thing to prepare is a ride to and from our office. When you visit a dentist near you for tissue grafting in San Diego, CA, you won’t be able to drive yourself home. The pain medication used to keep you comfortable will make it unsafe to drive. Making sure you have a ride home before visiting a dentist in Sorrento Valley, CA, for tissue grafting should be your priority.


Patients should avoid brushing and flossing the area that received the graft. The movement of brushing or flossing can displace the graft and lead to its failure. Antibiotics and a special mouthwash that fights off plaque will be recommended.

Not sure what to eat? If it’s soft and cold, it should be safe. Things like ice cream, yogurt, and soft cheese are all safe. Hard or hot foods should be avoided for a few days until we tell you that it’s safe to go back to eating them. Smoking impairs healing. We know it won’t be easy, but we’ll help you form a plan to cut back on smoking while you recover.

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