Osseous Surgery in San Diego, CA

Osseous surgery is also called pocket reduction surgery. At Scripps Poway Dental Care in San Diego, CA, we explain to our patients that there should only be 2-3 millimeter pockets between their teeth and gums. When the gums are inflamed or infected, these pockets can increase in size.

It’s important to see a dentist near you for osseous surgery in San Diego, CA, without delay. The longer bacteria continue to grow, the deeper the pockets will be. Eventually, the affected teeth will need to be removed, and the jawbones might become involved too. At Scripps Poway Dental Care, we can intervene quickly and effectively to eliminate these pockets.

Osseous Surgery

Pocket reduction or osseous surgery usually takes about two hours. As we mentioned earlier, it’ll be recommended if you have deep pockets. The sooner we can treat these pockets, the better the overall outcome. A trial of antibiotics might be performed first, but if we don’t start seeing results, we’ll need to move to surgery.

The first step is to give local anesthesia, so you remain comfortable while we work. A gum incision will be made, and the gums will be elevated so we can clean under them. Any damaged bone will be smoothed down and repaired. We might need to include a bone graft if there’s plenty of missing bone tissue. The gums will be sutured back when we’re done, and you’ll be able to go home.

Recovering from Osseous Surgery

Cutting back on smoking or avoiding it completely can speed up recovery and make it smoother. We know this can be difficult, but we can help you create a plan to limit your consumption of cigarettes. Using a straw or performing any suction should be avoided for several days.

To control swelling, patients can place ice packs against their outer cheeks. Soft foods are recommended for a few days while the mouth heals, and patients should get as much rest as possible. Make sure to change your gauze regularly and let us know if there’s continuous heavy bleeding. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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