Osseous Surgery with Grafting in San Diego, CA

Periodontitis is a condition that affects the tissues that support the teeth. These tissues include the gums and jawbones. Osseous surgery with grafting near you could be required in severe cases of periodontitis. When periodontal disease first starts to affect the gums and bones, it’ll lead to inflammation. Without prompt treatment, bone loss can occur. At Scripps Poway Dental Care in San Diego, CA, we want to intervene before this happens.

If you need a dentist near you for osseous surgery with grafting in San Diego, CA, we’ll be able to take care of you. Dr. Tieu knows how to treat periodontal disease and its repercussions with great efficiency. Rest assured that you’ll be taken care of at Scripps Poway Dental Care.

Osseous Surgery with Grafting

Periodontal disease leads to deep pockets. There are natural pockets between the teeth and the gums, but they shouldn’t exceed two to three millimeters in depth. In periodontal disease, there’s tissue breakdown, and these pockets can exceed five millimeters.

Osseous surgery is performed to eradicate these pockets and the bacteria inside them. As we mentioned earlier, there can be bone loss in advanced cases. Bone grafting can be done to replace the lost bone tissue.

The Procedure

Before any work is done, the gums will be injected with local anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort. We’ll then incise the gums to reach the pockets under them. The pockets will be cleaned, and the graft material will be prepared. Bone grafts will be prepared based on the existing defects.

After cleaning the pockets, we’ll place the grafts and sew your gums back in their original positions. Healing can take weeks or months, but your teeth will feel more stable, and your jaw will regain its strength. We’ll be with you every step of the way, and all details will be explained before we begin work.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them up. We want our patients to be as informed as possible.

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