Icon®️ White Spot Removal in San Diego, CA

You may have seen structures called white spot lesions (WSLs) on your teeth or the teeth of your loved ones. Did you know that these spots have a name and identifiable cause? Although harmless, white spots can be irritating, especially for individuals who want to have a straight, white, and perfect smile. Luckily, there is a solution called Icon®️ White Spot Removal.

What Causes White Spot Lesions?

White spot lesions have a couple of different causes, including poor hygiene. They are caused when minerals are shaved away from the exterior of the tooth and then replaced in an irregular pattern frequently associated with inadequate brushing and flossing. The plaque on the surface gets in the way of the re-mineralization process, resulting in uneven spaces and the eventual buildup of white spots.

While anyone can experience white spot lesions, they frequently develop during childhood since children are not as careful about brushing their teeth and performing regular oral hygiene and maintenance.

What Is Icon®️ White Spot Removal?

During Icon®️ White Spot Removal, a dentist uses plain pumice to scrape away the lesions. This is a gentle procedure that does not require anesthesia or drilling and should not cause pain. The scraping removes the outer remineralized layer of enamel so the tooth can heal and return to its original, intended shape.

Once the white spot is scraped away, the dentist applies a drying agent like ethanol and then a resin infiltrant. The material is allowed to soak in the tooth for three minutes to create capillary action. Excess material is then removed using brushes and cotton swabs, and then shaped into place. Afterward, the material is cured. The whole process can take between 45 to 60 minutes but creates an improved appearance for the teeth.

How to Get Icon®️ White Spot Removal

Icon®️ White Spot Removal can only be performed by a qualified professional, so it’s essential to seek out a dentist’s office for the best treatment. Here at Scripps Poway Dental Care, we offer this procedure and many others.

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