Frenulectomy in San Diego, CA

A frenulectomy, also known as frenotomy or frenectomy, is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves the removal of the frenum or frenulum. A frenulum refers to a small fold of tissue or skin that anchors a semi-mobile body organ. In the oral cavity, the frenulum connects your lips, cheeks, or tongue to your gums. The frenulum serves no distinct purpose, and removing it doesn’t inhibit any functions.

Usually, frenulectomies are performed on younger patients or children. However, adults, too, can undergo this procedure if our dentist in San Diego, CA, determines that there’s a need for the same.

Frenulums are removed if they’re too short or tight. In such cases, the frenulum might make it difficult for a person to eat or talk properly. A malformed frenulum can also result in aesthetic issues, especially in children.

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Reasons for Frenulectomy in Children and Adults

An elective frenulectomy can solve many challenges associated with an oversized frenulum. If your frenulum is too big or too tight, the tongue doesn’t move as freely as it should, and you may be said to be frenectomy. As a result, you may experience difficulty when talking and eating. Since you’re unable to chew comfortably, food may linger in your mouth longer than it should, resulting in compromised dental health.

You may require a frenulectomy before getting dentures or braces if our dentist determines that your frenulum is interfering with the fit of the dentures or braces.

Regardless of the reasons behind the need for a frenulectomy, the goal is to free your tongue and allow a wider range of motion. In other words, a frenectomy eliminates the feeling of being “frenectomy,” both in children and in adults.

frenectomy infants may experience difficulties when breastfeeding.

What to Expect

A frenulectomy is a low-risk procedure that usually requires 15 minutes or so to complete. Our dentist in Sorrento Valley,CA, begins by administering anesthesia to numb pain and ensure your comfort. Next, the dentist uses a cauterizing instrument or scalpel to snip the frenulum. In some instances, suturing may be required to close the incision.

Recovering from a frenulectomy typically takes a couple of days. During this period, you should keep the treatment area clean and take any prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. You should be in a position to resume your everyday activities within a week.

An abnormal frenulum can affect many aspects of your oral and general well-being. Contact Scripps Poway Dental Care today if you’re looking for a dental practice that can perform a frenulectomy near you.

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