Distal Wedge Procedure in San Diego, CA

Were you told that you need a distal wedge procedure near you by a dentist 92121? At Scripps Poway Dental Care in San Diego, CA, we want you to receive the best available dental care. We take care of our patients and all of their dental needs.

A distal wedge procedure isn’t a complicated one. As a dentist in San Diego, CA, Dr. Tieu has performed this procedure hundreds of times. We’ll let you know if we think it would be a good idea in your case. Rest assured that we’ll only recommend a procedure if we know that you’ll benefit from it.

What Is a Distal Wedge Procedure?

A distal wedge procedure is done to remove soft tissue that covers the hind tooth. The hind tooth is also known as the 2nd molar. At Scripps Poway Dental Care, we perform distal wedge procedures regularly and have years of experience.

A distal wedge procedure is often done after a wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are extracted for various reasons. Sometimes they cause overcrowding or don’t have enough room to erupt. The removal of wisdom teeth won’t affect your ability to chew and speak. A distal wedge procedure following the extraction of a wisdom tooth, however, can be important for your dental health.

Why Is It Needed?

Before a patient can agree to a procedure, they need to know why they need it. The problem following wisdom teeth extractions is that your body might heal in excess. Instead of just filling the gap left by the wisdom tooth, additional tissue can be formed that covers the posterior end of the 2nd molar.

A distal wedge procedure is done to remove this excessive tissue. If left in place, this tissue can perform a space where bacteria and plaque can hide and form. The longer the wedge remains, the higher the damage. We want patients that need distal wedge procedures in San Diego, CA, to know that they can rely on us for quick, effective, and comfortable procedures that will protect their teeth and dental integrity.

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