Dental Bridges in San Diego, CA

If you are missing any teeth, Scripps Poway Dental Care professionals can provide replacement teeth using dental bridges. They are ideal for patients in San Diego, CA who want to restore the beauty of their smile and keep teeth from getting damaged or developing health issues. If you have a tooth missing, speak with your dentist about options to restore the health of your smile.

Why Did Your Dentist Recommend a Bridge?

If you don’t believe losing a tooth is serious, then you may not be considering their long-term effects. If you’ve lost a tooth, this can result in consequences for your oral health and the rest of your teeth. Every molar in your mouth is meant to work together, meaning that just one missing tooth can interrupt the cycle. Teeth may drift out of place or tilt, becoming harder to keep clean. Any teeth on the opposite arch of the mouth may shift as well and put more stress on the joints in the jaw. Damage can occur to teeth, resulting in severe pain.

The dentist may recommend bridges to keep your oral health intact. Missing a tooth causes problems with teeth, resulting in more oral health issues and an increased risk of developing problems such as gum disease. The appearance of the face can shift as well, causing more problems.

Fixed Bridges

A bridge that is fixed cannot be removed from the mouth. It is applied using two teeth adjacent to the gap in your mouth, keeping the replacement tooth, or bridge, anchored in place.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Bridges that are supported by implants do not use any of your natural teeth. They are kept in place using titanium posts that have been surgically inserted into the jawbone. These implants can last for decades, keeping your teeth from shifting and providing the gums with stimulation.

If you need more information about dental bridges and would like to learn more about restoring your smile, contact the dental experts at Scripps Poway Dental Care. We have various options available for patients in San Diego, CA that want a beautiful smile free of gaps in teeth.

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