Know in Detail about Restorative Crown Lengthening

Know in Detail about Restorative Crown Lengthening

Dec 01, 2020

Everyone desires to have a perfect smile. You won’t meet a person who wants to lose his/her facial aesthetics just because of broken, chipped, and poorly aligned teeth.

You already had listened about the crowns which are essential steps to complete root canal procedure and many other ones. If unfortunately, something bad happened to your teeth by mistake like they are cracked crowns are the ultimate way for getting them fixed.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening could be a new terminology for you. But it plays an essential part in having a crown procedure done aptly. It is a small procedure of reshaping gum tissues or sometimes bones to enhance the surface area of the tooth so that the crown can be attached firmly.

The life durability of crowns depends on the perfect fitting of the crown. They can retain and keep your cracked teeth safe only when they are fixed accurately at the desired place. Crown lengthening can help to achieve this purpose gracefully.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

The crown lengthening procedure involves a minor surgery of one hour. It is part of the crowning process. It is the way to achieve maximum success in the procedure because it helps in the fitting so that the crown can sit comfortably inside your mouth. When crowns are perfectly fitted, there is minimum fear for infections and other oral issues.

If we talk about the procedure, the dentist 92131 may ask you to do some X-rays to know about the need for crown lengthening. The expert will check out space for a crown if there will be enough you won’t require to have lengthening surgery.

But if this is the case, it would easily get through the minor procedure before the placement of the crowns. You can make contact with qualified dentists in Sorrento Valley for having a superior quality treatment.

What to Do After Having Crown Lengthening Surgery?

Crown lengthening is something that can make your smile perfect with life-long protection. It can enhance the possibility of crowns to adjust aptly inside your mouth. In case any time in life if you have this procedure done in your mouth, you should keep following instructions in your mind to have a faster recovery.

Take Prescribed Medication

The process involves surgery. Your dentist 92131 would prescribe you certain painkillers and anti-biotic so that you can recover fast and can avoid bacterial and fungal infections. The prescribed medicines are the important step of your recovery process. So, don’t ever think about avoiding them.


Using ice packs can provide relief in swelling and pain. After having your surgery done, they can provide enough relief.

Don’t Eat At Least 24 Hours

After the surgery, you are advised not to eat for 24 hours, you should not only eat but you are not allowed to rinse your mouth. It is because it can speed up the bleeding and can last for many days.

Follow the Soft Diet

Crowns take time in the fitting. You should be extra careful about what you are eating. It would be beneficial for you to be on a liquid diet for some days so that the area doesn’t get disturbed and can heal faster and better.

Stop Using Alcohol

If you drink, don’t make its use till then you are fully recovered.

Say strictly No! To Smoking

Smoking habits can interfere with your healing process. So you should stop doing this so that you can get into your normal lifestyle in less time.

Don’t Disturb the Area

There are countable numbers of people who have the habit to disturb the area through their fingers and sometimes with their tongue. If you are the one who has such habits, you should be mindful about your activities. It is because they can make your recovery late or sometimes can spoil the whole surgery.

Crown lengthening is the part of crown surgery that ensures more stability to them. If any time your dentist asked you to do the process, do not get panic it is a minor and normal surgery.

When it comes to having the surgery or any other procedure done on your teeth and gums, always remember to go to a professional and qualified dentist. If you are seeking to have Restorative Crown lengthening in Sorrento Valley, don’t delay in making your visit at Scripps Poway Dental Care.

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