Know Everything About Restorative Crown Lengthening Procedure

April 1, 2021

Crown lengthening is one of the most prevalent methods in restorative dentistry. It is essential to get it when a tooth needs another crown or different kinds of restoration because the edge of the surface being restored can be excessively deep to reach. This technique is also done for improving the aesthetics of your gum line. In general, practitioners regularly refer for restorative crown lengthening near you.

Restorative crown lengthening procedure is a long-lasting solution used to restore your smile lost due to broken or severely decayed teeth. It is beneficial to problems that affect your speaking, eating, and many others. Basically, it involves remodelling the contour of the gum line. The technique doesn’t involve expanding the length of the crown, however, it brings down the gum line.

Types of Crown Lengthening Procedures

Below are its types:

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Aesthetic crown lengthening protect the health of the patient’s smile as well as eliminate excess gum tissue. Dental experts also use it to uncover the natural enamel of the tooth hidden behind it.

Eliminating excess gum tissue using gum reduction surgery can manage and prevent the progression of periodontal diseases. This method normally takes one hour and you can say it’s like a “gum lift”.

During the aesthetic crown lengthening procedure, the dental specialist removes the excess gum/bone tissue. It also reshapes the patient’s smile to reveal more of their normal tooth. This is an effective way to get rid of a “gummy smile”.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Dental experts perform functional crown lengthening when patients need a cosmetic or dental restorative procedure. In this process, dental restorations, including new crowns, require a strong and healthy tooth structure to ensure the right positioning.

Unfortunately, if a tooth of individuals who require restorations is excessively rotted, broken underneath the gum line, or irritation in their gum or bone, it can block the healing process and create significantly more concerning issues.

Functional crown lengthening exposes a greater surface area for the reclamation tooth and allows appropriate space for a restoration to be properly placed.

Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure

Dental crown lengthening is performed by the dental pros board-certified in periodontics in San Diego, CA. They have extensive knowledge and specialisation in performing restorative dental procedures.

Crown lengthening normally just takes around 60 minutes. However, few dental treatments might be a bit longer or shorter than others. How much time is required for the procedure depends on the number of teeth you need for the procedure.

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that might be used on one tooth or many. It might be utilised across the whole length of the gum line. This normal procedure regularly requires nothing more than a local aesthetic. However, heavier aesthetic alternatives are accessible for individuals who prefer.

What Can You Expect?

Restorative crown lengthening in San Diego, CA is perfect for improving your oral health and upgrading the personality and appearance of a smile.

  • During your aesthetic or a functional crown lengthening procedure, the dentist in San Diego, CA takes dental x-rays to evaluate the situation of your teeth and expose the underlying support structure of your teeth.
  • Dr. Andy L. Tieu will numb your mouth with a local sedative. This will help prevent uneasiness during your treatment and it will also help you get a positive dental experience.
  • After that, the dental specialist would cut the gums and pull them away from the teeth, uncovering the roots, encompassing bone, and the gum tissue.
  • Then, the bone around the foundation of your teeth will be taken out utilising a combination of hand and rotary instruments.
  • In the next step, the surface of the tooth has been uncovered and the area will be profoundly cleaned. Generally, it will be disinfected with clean saltwater.
  • At the last step, when the area is deeply cleaned as well as free from bacteria, debris, and particles, the gums will be sewed back together.
  • Once healing is finished, you’ll have a healthy and stunning smile.

Whether you get crown lengthening or other treatment, Dr. Andy L. Tieu will help you get your teeth and gums back to good health. We will be happy to assist you in taking the next step to gaining a healthier and lasting smile.

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