Invisalign® and Clear Aligners Therapy

Invisalign® and Clear Aligners Therapy

Nov 01, 2019

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that deals with straightening teeth. The specialization focuses on using different dental appliances to institute a movement in shift. It is considered mostly a cosmetic angle of dentistry. Even then, orthodontics is useful in general oral health. The truth is, if teeth are crooked, keeping them clean can be a problem.

Part of the treatment solution in orthodontics involves Invisalign® treatment. In San Diego, Invisalign is common among adults who feel the need to hide their smiles because of how their teeth look. Most of these patients require a dentist in San Diego, CA, to have a look at their teeth and determine the best solution that improves their cosmetic appearance. In that case, Invisalign aligners are used the most for orthodontic therapy. The reason is that they are clear and invisible, which is why they are sometimes called invisible braces.

Facts You Did Not Know About Invisalign Clear Braces

While you may know a thing or two about traditional braces, there is more to learn about these other types of teeth aligners. Instead of relying on misguided facts and half-truths, here are some facts about invisible teeth aligners:

  • They are not for everyone: Just because you have crooked teeth does not mean you qualify for clear aligners therapy. The aligners are most suited for patients will mild oral conditions. For example, if you have a complex case of malpositioned teeth, this treatment may not be for you. The same goes for patients with large gaps between teeth. Other than that, these aligners work best for adults than for kids. Kids and teenagers may not mind the conspicuous nature of traditional braces. Besides, adults are better at maintaining clear teeth aligners than are kids and teens.
  • They are virtually invisible: the color of the aligners is clear, which explains why the treatment is called clear aligners therapy. Therefore, unless someone is at close range or the aligners are stained, it is hard to notice that you are wearing them.
  • They stain easily: if you are not one to practice top-notch oral hygiene, then you may not be fit for the invisible aligners. They stain easily, whether from foods or drinks. It is why you must brush your teeth before wearing them.
  • You must wear them for 22 hours every day: the truth about the clear teeth aligners is that the treatment works when you want it to work. Dentists recommend up to 22 hours of wearing the aligners every day. The process of shifting teeth is gradual. Besides, the aligners work by instituting controlled pressure on teeth to move them. This means that you only get 2 hours to eat every day. For some people who battle with weight issues, they can use this treatment as a weight loss plan.
  • They must be removed when eating: eating with your aligners is not just a lazy habit. It is a disaster in the making. The aligners are not stain-resistant, which means they will stain from the foods you eat. Other than that, they are not strong enough to handle constant chewing. Even though they are not made from typical plastic material, they can easily break or crack with heavy chewing.
  • They have to be changed regularly: for the clear aligners therapy to work effectively, the aligners’ fit must be perfect. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are not adjusted by tightening. Depending on the treatment plan that your dentist created for you, they can be changed in intervals of two to six weeks. Every visit you make to your dentist will be to replace the aligners with a new tray that will further remove your teeth. For every change of aligners, you can expect a movement of up to 1/3 of a millimeter. If you are disciplined enough to stick to the plan, you should have a noticeable improvement in how your teeth look, faster than with traditional braces.
  • They cost more than traditional braces: clear aligners therapy is specialized for unique patient needs. Thanks to the work that goes into creating the set of trays, these aligners cost a little more than traditional braces. However, you need to check with your dentist about the price. It often differs from one dental clinic to another.

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