How Long Does a Bone Graft Last?

June 1, 2022

A bone graft is a surgical procedure carried out to increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw. The jaw bone may shrink or get absorbed into the body leading to insufficient bone mass, volume, or width. A bone is taken from the patient’s body, a different person’s body, or another species like a cow or a synthetic material. It is surgically fused to the existing bone in the jaw.

Patients go for bone grafts near San Diego, CA, for various reasons. An example is bone grafting to facilitate the placement of dental implants. After tooth loss, the part of the bone that supports the lost tooth gets absorbed back into the body. Therefore, a bone graft is needed to enable patients restore their teeth using implants. In addition, it provides a sturdy base for the post.

The dentist may do a bone graft surgery to rectify bone loss that affects the health of oral tissues. For example, tooth loss or gum disease can lead to bone loss that affects the nearby jaw, gums, and teeth. The surgeon performs a bone graft procedure to prevent further bone loss and stabilize the jaw. Read on to learn more about dental bone grafts.

Types of Bone Grafts in Dentistry

There are three major types of dental bone grafts. Each class addresses various issues that affect the jaw. Therefore, a bone grafting procedure may involve any of the graft types below.

  1. Socket Graft

It is a bone grafting procedure to preserve the tooth socket and avoid bone loss. Socket grafting is done right after tooth extraction. A dentist or oral surgeon places the graft material in the extracted tooth’s socket.

  1. Sinus Lift

Bone loss may occur on the jaw near the upper molars. When it happens, the sinuses located in the area move down. A sinus lift involves restoring the sinuses to their proper position and adding stability to the jaw.

  1. Block Bone Graft

In this grafting procedure, a bone is removed from the back of the jawbone and used on the front of the jaw. The tiny bone is taken from where the wisdom teeth were previously located. Block bone grafting increases the width and volume of the jawbone, thus, countering bone loss.

How Long Does a Bone Graft Procedure Last?

The bone graft procedure does not last very long. Your dentist in San Diego can give you the exact time the process will take you. The time estimation depends on whether other dental procedures are performed before the grafting. An example is tooth extraction before a socket graft.

If the grafting material is taken from the patient’s body, the procedure will take longer. The location of the graft and how much bone requires to be grafted also determine the length of the process. Simple bone grafts take about 20-45 minutes, while complicated cases take 45-90 minutes to complete.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Bone Graft?

No one can determine the exact time required to recover from a bone graft. People have different immunities based on their overall and oral health. The type of surgery and the patient’s age also determine how long recovery will take. Simple bone grafts heal within a shorter time compared to complex bone grafts.

In addition, young people who undergo the procedure heal faster than older people. This is because their bodies’ self-healing properties initiate and work more quickly. How well you follow the dentist’s instructions after the surgery can delay or promote recovery. Ignoring the post-operative guidelines may lead to complications that increase the recovery time.

After the surgical procedure, you will experience some discomfort for a week. The dentist performing the bone graft near San Diego, CA, will give you tips to ease the discomfort. Your gums will heal, and the sutures will dissolve in about six weeks. The graft may take three months to a year to fuse with the natural bone in the jaw.

The dental experts will closely monitor your progress throughout the entire time to ensure your recovery is fast. Contact us at Scripps Poway Dental Care- Sacramento Valley for bone graft procedures. We also offer several other general dentistry procedures for excellent dental health.

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