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All You Need to Know About Pocket Irrigation 

Unhealthy oral hygiene results in periodontal diseases. You may also call them gum disease because the gums are targeted first. If you do not brush twice a day, brushing thrice a week is your habit, you are doing no good to your gums and teeth. The results are severe. You allow bacteria to sit and grow on the teeth. You may lose a tooth due to an unhealthy oral cavity. Regular visits to the dentist in scripps ranch CA and cleaning procedure is a good choice for your teeth. The regular visits will let you know if there is any gum disease developing or not. If you have a bacterial or fungal attack on the gums, pocket irrigation may help you treat it.

What is Pocket Irrigation?

Pocket irrigation dental treatment in San Diego is a technique to remove all the dirt residing between the teeth and the gum line. The harmful bacteria are prevented from replicating and you can save your teeth. Periodontal diseases spread up the teeth and create pockets. The pockets also get filled with bacteria and plaque. This makes the infection more severe.

Why Do You Need Pocket Irrigation

Pocket irrigation is also called oral irrigation. The treatment is advised for several other problems. The tool used for the treatment is called pocket irrigator. You can also use it at home and your gums will stay clean. You may need the feel to get this treatment for the following reasons.

Dental cleaning is one of the major reasons for pocket irrigation. The irrigator breaks plaque and debris present between the teeth. Cleaner teeth mean safer gum pockets. The pockets stay shallower and the gum tissues stay healthier.

Bad breath or halitosis is another major problem that can be treated with oral irrigation. The leftover food particles and bacteria growing on it generate bad breath. An irrigator will remove all the food particles and bad breath will not be a problem for you.

The treatment is more effective if you use an antimicrobial solution as support. The solution prevents any other bacteria from attacking. The treatment becomes more effective.

You can also reduce the depth of the pocket. This prevents gum diseases and tooth loss. The process keeps the gum tissues intact.

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What is the Process of Pocket Irrigation?

This treatment is always accompanied by a cleaning procedure or a pocket reduction surgery.

For the reduction surgery, scaling and root planing equipment will be used to remove plaque from tartar and subgingival. After that, an antimicrobial agent will be applied with a pocket irrigator to prevent any bacterial or fungal invasion.

If your dentist performs a cleaning procedure, the pocket irrigator will be used to remove all plaque and debris. An antimicrobial agent might be used for protection against bacteria and fungi.

You may also perform this at home but know that this is not an alternative to a dental cleaning. Pocket irrigation is more beneficial for the gum tissues than flossing. Your dentist San Diego may also recommend a pocket irrigator after the treatment. It ensures better dental health. Periodontal disease and treatment are no longer a hassle for the patient.

How to Identify a Gum Disease

After knowing the procedure, you must also know how to identify a periodontal disease. Here are a few identification marks that should be kept in mind. If you can realize that there is an issue with your gums, treating it gets easier.

  • Dark spots on the gums appear after a microbial invasion.
  • Gums swell after a few days.
  • Pain in the gums is severe after two to three days.
  • Sensitivity will be your friend. Hot or cold food items will not be easy to eat.
  • In extreme cases, the gums bleed as well.
  • Halitosis has pocket irrigation as a treatment.

It is also the symptom of gum disease. Bad breath means plaque along with bacteria residing on your teeth and gums.

If you have any of the symptoms, visit a dentist 92131 now. If the gum disease spreads, tooth loss will become mandatory. The dentists at our facility can help you. If you have any questions or need a pocket irrigation treatment, visit us now.

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